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Southern Belle Kennel - Puppy Care


   Your baby will come home with a puppy care package including transition food, comfort blanket, bowl, and favorite toy. Please continue with current feeding schedule. Food changes be made of necessary by rations of half and half over a 3-day period. Always observe how much your baby is actually eating. Any appetite or stool changes needs to be addressed by your vet immediately and breeder notified.

   Hypoglycemia is a common problem with small breeds and can happen during times of stress, cold temps, excessive play, or any feeding changes. Dizziness, fatigue, or slumber can all be early signs. Nutrical is a must have- little thimble size snacks are recommended 3-4 times daily. Also, plain yogurt or honey nut cheerios can be a good nutritional snack. **Always consult with your breeder and vet if hypoglycemia is suspected even if it subsides. HYPOGLYCEMIA CAN BE FATAL!

   A "health guarantee" is provided, please review before purchase. Hypoglycemia is a common occurrence in small breeds not an illness and is therefore not covered.

    Charting your baby's expected adult weight is an estimate only. We try our best to consider parents weight, litter average, and charting projection. However, we cannot guarantee size. Yorkies can vary from the teeny precious pocket size to armful teddy bears.  Each one is genuinely unique and we love them all. 

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